7 Tourist Destinations Near Hotel Boss Singapore

Hotel Boss Singapore is not only suitable for
local tourists. It is also suitable for tourists from all around the world.
Among many reasons for choosing this hotel, its strategic location is beyond
everything. I will list seven tourist destinations near Hotel Boss, one of Singapore Hotels.

I will sort it based on how long it will take
you on foot. Let’s get started!

1. Sultan Mosque (6 minutes)

Sultan Mosque or Masjid Sultan is a must-see when you are staying at Hotel Boss. It only takes you six minutes on foot. Sultan Mosque is one of the most impressive buildings in Singapore. It was built in 1824 for the very first Sultan of Singapore, namely Sultan Hussein Shah. 

The most valuable part for me is the domes which are created from glass bottles. Those glasses were given by not-rich people in Singapore. At the time, all people can contribute – not only the rich ones. Go to Sultan Mosque and don’t forget to take pictures of the domes.

2. Arab Street (7 minutes)

What can you find in Arab Street? You must ask this question. 

Well, maybe you can guess from its name. Yes, you can find many Muslim activities there. Moreover, Arab Street is famous for its various shops and Muslim restaurants.

3. Haji Lane (8 minutes)

Just like on Arab Street, you go to Haji Lane for shopping. Besides that, Haji Lane is known as a place for young people to hang out. Many tourists come to Haji Lane to buy Singapore typical souvenirs. Try to find a shop called Eighty Two Tales there!

4. Mustafa Centre (9 minutes)

Mustafa Centre is located in the Little India area. But from Hotel Boss you can reach it in 9 minutes only. Mustafa Centre is a department store which has everything on it. Its cheap price makes this place always full of people. It is open 24 hours and has no holiday.

5. Bugis Village (12 minutes)

Bugis Village or Kampung Bugis can be reached in 12 minutes by foot from Hotel Boss. There are lots of shops for your shopping time. You can buy anything, especially souvenirs that show you have been to Singapore. LOL

When you are hungry after shopping, you can try various foods there. There are many tenants with yummy foods you can try. 

6. Sim Lim Tower (16 minutes)

It is located at 10 Jalan Besar, Singapore. Taking a 16 minutes walk will get you there. It is a big mall. It is known as the electronics mall. You can find almost anything related to electronics in Sim Lim Tower. Start from resistors and other electronic components you might need can be found there. One thing you should keep in your mind is: make sure you understand what you need. 

7. Little India (18 minutes)

Little India is a stunning district in Singapore. You can find lots of things here. The mixed cultures can be felt when you are there. You can find Hindu and Chinese temples, Moslem mosques, and churches. What a lovely place!

Well, staying at Hotel Boss is the best choice if we want to visit those seven destinations. Much better, there are Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers, a special discount for us the SingPass holders. I suggest you book your room now and enjoy your holiday.

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